Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Will we ever meet you?

Today, your mother had a minor bleeding.
Being the inexperienced parents we are, we were so scared. We didn't tell each other our greatest fear: what if it was a stillbirth?

Will you be OK and safe? What if you--God forbid--never saw the light of this world. Was it a dream in vein? An "unfinished" project, an "unachieved" task?

You would already have touched our hearts. You would already have prepared us for more love and more humbleness regarding the mystery of this life. You would already have taught us a lesson about the value of an unborn child, and the meaning of other people's sufferings and struggles.

قرأت القصيدة وأعجبتني جدا كون الفكرة جديدة ومحصورة بموضوع معين له صلة بمولود لم يولد بعد اضافة الى طرح
عدة أسئلة حول لونه وجنسه ولغة العالم الذي أتى منه . القصيدة ظاظية
مائة بالمائة وجميلة أيضا تطرح أسئلة
وأمكنة وبحر من الأحلام والخيال القائم
على الموضوعية والمنطق السليم .

مهندس محمود ظاظا .
بيروت . لبنان .
أتمنى للكاتب دوام النجاح والتوفيق

مهندس محمود ظاظا
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