Friday, April 01, 2005


To my boy whom I haven't met...

My son,
my new friend,
my latest discovery,
and my never-ending passion,

I wish I could spare you the difficulties of this crazy world.
Will you blame me when, one day,
with a heart broken by love, or pain…
or a body broken by sickness…
or a soul broken by sin, you will ask yourself and point your finger to me and to Our Father: "Why did you bring me to this world?"

I wish I--myself--can find an answer to this question.

What else could I have done? What else could I have delivered to you rather than this gift of life,
this amazingly disturbing and unexplainable gift.
The only alternative would have been not to have you at all, not to unite together.
Every time you will blame me for bringing you to life…
Every time you will ask the difficult questions…
Remember one thing:
we are giving what we received,
a love from a greater love,
we are flowing with an overwhelming flow that we cannot comprehend,
that we enjoy in suffering and comfort,
in difficulties and ease,
in moments of birth and death,
growth and stabilility,
joy and sorrow,

This is a part of the mystery of love,
Maybe you’re the one who will solve the mystery,
or at least—and I am sure you will be—the one who will add a great stroke to life’s masterpiece.

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